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Artificial Intelligence as A Service

Intellexere is a cloud computing platform by DataKnowl that offers AI as a Service, on the same infrastructure used internally
for DataKnowl products.

Conversational Engine

Build powerful intelligent Chatbots on top of Intellexere Platform with our APIs. Integrate Natural Language Understanding in your products now. It is easy and fast.

Pay Per Use without limitations and monthly commitments! There is no charge for using Intellexere Platform during the Limited Preview Alpha release.

DML Markup Language

DML Markup Language is a XML-based language that you can use to control every aspect of the your chatbots behavior.

When someone starts a chat or sends a message to one of your Chatbots, Intellexere will process the message, look up the URL associated to your chatbot and make a request to that URL, including NLU results. Intellexere will read and process your DML instructions at that URL to determine what to do: answer, plan complex actions, ...

You can process the data sent from Intellexere, and generate responses in DML, using any programming language that supports XML: Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, ...

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Intellexere Platform is currently in Limited Preview Alpha.

Intellexere is part of DataKnowl Cloud Services platform.

Create a DataKnowl Account to access Intellexere on DataKnowl Cloud Services.

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Sign up and get $300 to spend on DataKnowl Cloud Platform (including Intellexere) over the next 90 days. Free technical support is included in your trial. You won't be charged during or after your free trial ends.


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